Best Smartphones and Tablets in 2014

In addition to the exhibition and launch of new products, the Mobile World Congress 2014 is also used to hold the Global Mobile Award, awards for the telecommunications industry. In the implementation of the 19th, the GSM Association ( GSMA ) on Tuesday ( 25/02/2014 ) night when Barcelona announced the winners of each category.

There are approximately 38 categories were announced by the GSMA. However, the most awaited by the likelihood of consumer is the winner of the category " Best Smartphones and Best Tablet ".

This year, HTC, the Taiwanese manufacturer of products, HTC, have won awards as the best smartphone ( Best Smartphone ). Meanwhile, the winner for Best Tablet Apple iPad is water.

Nokia and LG also stole the attention in the event of the Global Mobile Award 2014. Nokia Lumia 520 smartphone managed to hook his award for Best Low - Cost Smartphone ( best cheap smartphones ). Meanwhile, LG was awarded Most Innovative Device Manufacturer of the Year.