Being a Luxury Shows Early Corruption

Ostentatious luxury is the forerunner of a corrupt culture. "So luxury , hedonistic life , the greedy , the forerunner to the corrupt behavior, " said Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) Abraham Samad in KPK, Jakarta, Wednesday ( 19/03/2014 ). Opinion was submitted as a comment to the lavish reception held in child marriages Secretary of the Supreme Court, Nurhadi, at the Hotel Mulia Senayan, on Saturday ( 03/15/2014 ).

At a reception attended by many top officials of Indonesia, Nurhadi openly share music player iPod Shuffle for $ 700 thousand for 2500 invitations as souvenirs. It is estimated that, in total Rp 1 , 7 billion allocated Nurhadi and family to share the most acceptable official souvenir.

That number still does not include the cost of the reception is fairly luxurious for an official. Abraham did not want to talk further about it. However, he asserts, the Commission always suspicious of any party . "We suspect the same for everyone," he said.

Cortex - A17, New Processor More Affordable

ARM Holdings announced a new processor design called the Cortex- A17. Phones or tablets that use the A17 processor architecture can be 60 percent more efficient than devices using A9 architecture. So vendors who use the A17 processor can improve the features and performance of its products.

As quoted from Mashable, A17 design is claimed to handle 4K and supports shooting video with a resolution up to 20 -megapixel photos, which can be improved screen support up to Quad HD, and can connect to wearable devices through Bluetooth and ANT + .

A17 architecture is expected to be used by most vendors in mid- 2015. In addition to smart phones and tablets, A17 is also expected to provide power Smart TV terjula next year is predicted to be up to 140 million units .

MediaTek, one of the maker of the processor architecture has been launched to replace the A17 Cortex - A9 architecture design, which has been aged 6 years . According to MediaTek, which carries the A17 smart phone can be sold at lower prices, about 200 U.S. dollars without a subsidy.

Competition of Processor Makes Cheap Tablet Price

Whether manufacturers can make tablet PCs with higher specifications, but can be sold at a low price ? It depends on the processor used. But it is certain that in 2014, it would be much more sophisticated Tablet PC, also sold at cheaper prices.

Because among the manufacturers of processors also there is intense competition. According to data from Strategy Analytics, tablet processor market to grow 32 percent in 2013 to 3.6 billion U.S. dollars. According to IDC, the tablet processor Qualcomm is the third largest producer in the world in the fourth quarter of 2013. While Intel only entrenched in the top six. Apple still on top ranking as the largest manufacturer of processors for tablets tablet of its own making, namely the iPad and the iPad Mini.

Manufacturers from Shenzhen, China, which Allwinner Technology is ranked second. According to IDC, sending Allwinner tablet processor 18.2 million units in the fourth quarter of 2013, of the total 88.3 million tablets were shipped processors during the quarter.

Increased sales of the tablet processor manufacturers from China driven by the demand for inexpensive tablets sold under 150 dollars. According to IDC, the tablet computer without the brand being sold into the market will grow 36 percent in 2014.

Intel's CEO, Brian Krzanich already anticipated explaining the condition, it will boost sales of tablets and smart phones processor to target the 40 million units in 2014. Intel will provide subsidies so that a mobile device can be sold at a price range of 100 dollars .

Need the Death Penalty for Corruptors

318 of 460 heads of local town or district in Indonesia involved in corruption, as submitted by the former Chairman of the Constitutional Court ( MK ) Mahfud MD. According to Mahfud, Indonesia actually has not been able to completely clean up the legacy of corruption because corrupt generation.

These figures are based on data from the Ministry of Home Affairs ( MOHA ) Indonesia , as many as 318 of the 460 heads of districts or cities in Indonesia corruption. Meanwhile 16 of the 33 governors in the entire province of Indonesia also perform the same action. Mahfud express it in a workshop entitled " Indonesia 5 Years Ahead : National Thought Leaders " at Airlangga University, Surabaya, East Java. ( 14/3 ) .

Ironically, Mahfud mention the value of SKK Oil corruption scandal Rp 7,000 trillion. That figure is three times larger than Indonesia's debt, even four times larger than the State Budget ( Budget) at around Rp 1,850 trillion. " However, if the case was settled and the money refunded, supposing each individual Indonesian people can get Rp 20 million, " he said .

To that end, he says it takes some effort to eradicate corruption. The first step is to do a national lustration law, namely ( Act ) that are designed specifically to limit politicians and officials who incidentally involved collusion, corruption and nepotism ( KKN ) in the period before the reform so as not to get involved in politics at this time.  "In addition, the need for new laws made, in particular the death penalty as punishment in China, " he said.

What's A Target Of President Jokowi ?

Decision of the Chairman of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI-P ), Megawati Sukarnoputri, to appoint Jokowi as a presidential candidate turned out to be taken positively by the market. Shortly after announcing plans Jokowi so the candidate around 15:00 pm, the Jakarta Composite Index ( JCI ) directly back toward the green zone. Even JCI to fly up to 123 points to its highest level 4852.737.

During these businessmen at home and abroad have much to look forward to advancing Jokowi become president of Indonesia from 2014 to 2019 period. With the announcement of this Jokowi, then buying on the exchange floor directly unstoppable.

What Jokowi task to do as President of Indonesia, Megawati Sukarnoputri in accordance with the message ?
As disclosed by the Secretary General of Democratic Party of Struggle, Tjahjo Kumolo, Friday ( 14/3 ). Jokowi should be able to keep the Republic of Indonesia ( Republic of Indonesia ) and the principle of the Four Pillars of other nationality, including implementing Act of 1945 ( Constitution 45 ) and Pancasila, as well as maintaining national diversity.

Furthermore, Jokowi should follow the principle of Trisakti in the pro-people decision-making process. Trisakti is the teachings of  Bung Karno : Sovereign in Political, Economic Self-Reliance in the Field, and Personality in the Field of Culture .

"Another principle is to be the welfare of the Indonesian people, to oversee the pro-people policies of political development towards Indonesia 's great, towards the aspired independence proclaimer founding fathers, Sukarno, " said Tjahjo.

Android Operating System Becomes Trending Topic

The most topical issue for discussion in the field of technology today is about technology gadgets ( including smart phones ). Starting from Ipod, Iphone, BlackBerry, iPad, Windows Phone, and Smartphone based on Android. But the final product that I mentioned seems to be the most hot topic to talk about because of reliability technology.

Android Operating System is an operating system intended for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This operating system has been developed by Google Inc. It is actually the development of the Linux operating system, as it is a modification of the Linux kernel 2.6 .

However, the developers Operating System is arguably phenomenal for the first time since its release in September 2007 up to now, the Android OS has been extremely rapid success even now it has mastered the mobile technology market exceeded previous products including iPhone.

Not to Be Defendant, Ratu Atut Still Governor

Despite languishing in detention, Ratu Atut Chosiyah still a governor of Banten, West Java, Indonesia, and has the authority to determine the policies of behind bars. This of course makes the wheels of government Bantam hiccup. His deputy, Rano Karno even facing the interior minister and complained of some difficulty in his position as Deputy Governor of Banten.

Still not disabling RatuAtut by Minister Gamawan Fauzi for the reason that the officer who was suspected of KPK ( Corruption Eradication Commission ) have the same rights as prisoners Prosecutor and the Police. The new government could disable government officials if law enforcement officials have established such as the defendant. ( 07/3/2014 )

While still a suspect, Ratu Atut still entitled and have a duty to run the provincial government Banten. Unless she resigned as Governor of Banten voluntarily. It rules the government, hence the Interior Ministry could not meet the demand that the Commission requested Ratu Atut disabled from his post as Governor of Banten.