Cortex - A17, New Processor More Affordable

ARM Holdings announced a new processor design called the Cortex- A17. Phones or tablets that use the A17 processor architecture can be 60 percent more efficient than devices using A9 architecture. So vendors who use the A17 processor can improve the features and performance of its products.

As quoted from Mashable, A17 design is claimed to handle 4K and supports shooting video with a resolution up to 20 -megapixel photos, which can be improved screen support up to Quad HD, and can connect to wearable devices through Bluetooth and ANT + .

A17 architecture is expected to be used by most vendors in mid- 2015. In addition to smart phones and tablets, A17 is also expected to provide power Smart TV terjula next year is predicted to be up to 140 million units .

MediaTek, one of the maker of the processor architecture has been launched to replace the A17 Cortex - A9 architecture design, which has been aged 6 years . According to MediaTek, which carries the A17 smart phone can be sold at lower prices, about 200 U.S. dollars without a subsidy.