Not to Be Defendant, Ratu Atut Still Governor

Despite languishing in detention, Ratu Atut Chosiyah still a governor of Banten, West Java, Indonesia, and has the authority to determine the policies of behind bars. This of course makes the wheels of government Bantam hiccup. His deputy, Rano Karno even facing the interior minister and complained of some difficulty in his position as Deputy Governor of Banten.

Still not disabling RatuAtut by Minister Gamawan Fauzi for the reason that the officer who was suspected of KPK ( Corruption Eradication Commission ) have the same rights as prisoners Prosecutor and the Police. The new government could disable government officials if law enforcement officials have established such as the defendant. ( 07/3/2014 )

While still a suspect, Ratu Atut still entitled and have a duty to run the provincial government Banten. Unless she resigned as Governor of Banten voluntarily. It rules the government, hence the Interior Ministry could not meet the demand that the Commission requested Ratu Atut disabled from his post as Governor of Banten.