Need the Death Penalty for Corruptors

318 of 460 heads of local town or district in Indonesia involved in corruption, as submitted by the former Chairman of the Constitutional Court ( MK ) Mahfud MD. According to Mahfud, Indonesia actually has not been able to completely clean up the legacy of corruption because corrupt generation.

These figures are based on data from the Ministry of Home Affairs ( MOHA ) Indonesia , as many as 318 of the 460 heads of districts or cities in Indonesia corruption. Meanwhile 16 of the 33 governors in the entire province of Indonesia also perform the same action. Mahfud express it in a workshop entitled " Indonesia 5 Years Ahead : National Thought Leaders " at Airlangga University, Surabaya, East Java. ( 14/3 ) .

Ironically, Mahfud mention the value of SKK Oil corruption scandal Rp 7,000 trillion. That figure is three times larger than Indonesia's debt, even four times larger than the State Budget ( Budget) at around Rp 1,850 trillion. " However, if the case was settled and the money refunded, supposing each individual Indonesian people can get Rp 20 million, " he said .

To that end, he says it takes some effort to eradicate corruption. The first step is to do a national lustration law, namely ( Act ) that are designed specifically to limit politicians and officials who incidentally involved collusion, corruption and nepotism ( KKN ) in the period before the reform so as not to get involved in politics at this time.  "In addition, the need for new laws made, in particular the death penalty as punishment in China, " he said.