Assessing Surabaya people, Risma Good Performance

Is Tri Rismaharini performance as Mayor of Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia is much better as reported by the mass media ? Laboratory of Political Science and Engineering policy ( lapora ) Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (Social ) Universitas Brawijaya ( UB ) conducted survey of 250 residents of Surabaya spread over 31 districts in the city of Surabaya.

The survey results stated that as many as 57.3 percent of people in Surabaya judge that Risma already good performance. 2.3 percent considered very good. Then 21.8 percent Surabaya Society Risma fairly assess performance, and 17.9 percent said that the poor performance of Risma.

Respondents considered '' Risma poor performance, due to the uneven performance on all fronts. That is, there are some parts that are considered Risma performance less than the maximum, '' said the head of the UB Faculty of Social lapora Faza Dhora Nailufar Risma performance when exposure results in Surabaya ( 2/3 ) .

As many as 99 percent of respondents think Risma performance in the field of landscape and urban planning has been good. It can be seen from the construction of many parks, such as Yosemite hump and gorgeous lights of the city . In the health sector, 93 percent of people in Surabaya Risma assess the performance has been good .

In education, as much as 92 percent of the population considered Risma performance is also good. Then as many as 87 percent of people in Surabaya Risma assess performance in the field of religion either. This in mainly based on the effort to cover Dolly, the largest brothel in Southeast Asia.

Risma performance in tourism gets good ratings from 87 percent of people in Surabaya, following the trade and economy which gets 85 percent better assessment by the people of Surabaya.