Being a Luxury Shows Early Corruption

Ostentatious luxury is the forerunner of a corrupt culture. "So luxury , hedonistic life , the greedy , the forerunner to the corrupt behavior, " said Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) Abraham Samad in KPK, Jakarta, Wednesday ( 19/03/2014 ). Opinion was submitted as a comment to the lavish reception held in child marriages Secretary of the Supreme Court, Nurhadi, at the Hotel Mulia Senayan, on Saturday ( 03/15/2014 ).

At a reception attended by many top officials of Indonesia, Nurhadi openly share music player iPod Shuffle for $ 700 thousand for 2500 invitations as souvenirs. It is estimated that, in total Rp 1 , 7 billion allocated Nurhadi and family to share the most acceptable official souvenir.

That number still does not include the cost of the reception is fairly luxurious for an official. Abraham did not want to talk further about it. However, he asserts, the Commission always suspicious of any party . "We suspect the same for everyone," he said.